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   Registration & Loss Protection
Could You Be At Risk?

If you own credit, debit, gas or even calling cards, the fact of the matter is that you could be at risk. Theft happens…people lose their cards and important documents. And fraud is increasing at an alarming rate. Have you ever thought about –
  • what you would do if you lost your cards
  • what if you lost your cards while travelling abroad
  • how would you cancel them
  • who would you call
  • how long would it take you to cancel all your cards
  • how many fraudulent charges will be made with your cards

Card Protector subscribers do not have to worry about these questions because of the benefits they enjoy:

Card Registration

Card Protector protects you by allowing you to securely register your cards and other important information so that it is available in an emergency.

Card Protector members can register any number of credit, debit, charge or ATM cards with Card Protector. This list can be updated at any time. In the case of the loss or theft of your cards, a single call to the Card Protector service centre will ensure that all of your cards are cancelled and requests for replacements made.

One Call Reporting Of All Lost/Stolen Cards

If your cards are lost or stolen, call Card Protector toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide. We’ll immediately notify every company you have cards with and send you written notice of every company contacted. We’ll also request replacement cards.

Cellular Phone Registration

Protect yourself from the loss or theft of your cellular (mobile) phone. Register your phone number and service provider with Card Protector. Call Card Protector if your phone is lost or stolen, we’ll notify your carrier and ask them to suspend service. We’ll also protect you from any fraudulent toll charges from the moment you notify us.

Important Document Registration

Protect yourself by having information about critical documents stored securely. Register important documents, such as passport numbers, insurance policy information, stock certificate numbers, birth certificate information, the location of your will, etc. In case of loss or a catastrophic event, this information can be retrieved from Card Protector’s secure files to help you.

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*Certain terms and restrictions apply.  Please see the Benefit Guide for full details.