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   Card Protector Plus®
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Card Protector Plus®  - A premium product that offers you an extra feature:
Identity fraud protection - 6 months credit monitoring service

Card Protector® protects you from the aggravation associated with card loss.

In addition, Card Protector Plus provides you with valuable credit monitoring in the event that you lose your debit or credit cards. Identity fraud presents an ongoing threat so you have made an important decision in protecting yourself against it.

  • When you phone Card Protector Plus to report your card loss, we’ll provide you with 6 months of credit monitoring – valued at about $90.

  • This service monitors your credit bureau files for potential fraudulent activities, such as new accounts, loan/credit card applications made in your name. You’ll be alerted to such activities the next business day.

  • When you inform us of your card loss, or that of a family member, we’ll mail you a confirmation of card cancellation and replacement request.

For more information on this premium Card Protector Plus product, please contact us:

Phone: 1-866-734-3194


CardProtectorPlus® is a registered trademark of Sigma Loyalty Group Inc.

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